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In the beginning there was paper. Then came electrons, packaged in CD, DVD or downloaded. Through it all we have mastered the various media to publish efficiently, timely and accurately.

Today words are read on screens as often as not, but by utilizing cutting edge technologies such as short run printing and interactive offerings that blur the line between book and app, we are able to leap ahead while the industry remains in flux.

We offer three levels of publishing for the modern author:

Level I

Traditional Publishing. We buy the rights to publish your book. We pay you a retainer and you agree to attend publicity tours which we pay for. This is an exclusive level, and only those few books we can be certain of repaying the investment will be accepted.

Level II

Partner Publishing. For those who strongly believe in their work, but want a little help making it happen. For a small fee we will layout and design every aspect of your book, for print and screen delivery. We will partner with you to promote your book, and while there are expenses associated with marketing, they come out of your sales, not out of your pocket. The books that are accepted into this level are only those that have a good chance of standing out from the crowd. The duration of your contract is negotiable.

Level III

Semi-Self Publishing. An increasingly popular alternative that leverages our name and infrastructure to lend credibility to your work. This allows you to get your book into the usual sales channels, but without most of the associated costs and effort. Send us your formatted manuscript (or avail yourself of our services) and we will make sure the world has a way to discover and purchase your hard work. Most titles (except those we reject) are eligible, and since you own all rights, you are under no obligation to stay with us.

Services Included Level III Level II Level I
% of titles accepted 85% 10% 2%
Book Layout and Design ($100 value) Available Yes Yes
Cover Layout and Design ($50 value) Available Yes Yes
Professional Editing ($300 value †) Available Available Yes
ISBN ($100 value *) Yes Yes Yes
Listing on Amazon Yes Yes Yes
In Catalog for other Bookstores Yes Yes Yes
eBook version for Kindle Yes ** Yes Yes
eBook version for iBook Store Yes ** Yes Yes
iBook Author version for iBook Store Available Available Yes **
You Own All Rights Yes Partial No
We Pay for Marketing No 50% ‡ Yes
Residuals (% of profit ††) 90% 50% 20%
Cost Starts at $100 Starts at $200 We Pay You

* If purchased separately.
Depending on format. Some layouts may not be suitable.
$1 per page - $300 minimum.

†† After bookseller fees.
Matched contributions after initial campaign.

Simply drop us a line and we will send you everything you need to get started.

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